Core Sessions

NIPF Core Session speakerThe National Institute of Public Finance includes an intensive public finance curriculum, providing crucial insight into current public finance issues; developing the skills required for the future, free from commercial influence; and sharing ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge strategies.  The focused curriculum consists of four core sessions (listed below), along with eight track-specific sessions per track.

Courses are being updated weekly.  View the updated core sessions below.

Day 1
Jul 23 2017

National Institute of Public Finance Registration at Villa Graziadio, Pepperdine University

NIPF Registration materials and light snacks will be available.

Welcome to the 2017 National Institute of Public Finance

van Rensburg, Deryck J.
Andrew Benton, President, Pepperdine University
Benton, Andrew
John Chiang
Chiang, John
Vermont Treasurer Beth Pearce
Pearce, Beth
Oklahoma Treasurer Ken Miller
Miller, Ken

Fireside Chat with 70th United States Secretary of the Treasury Robert E. Rubin

Learn about new challenges; how to assess, respond, and proactively approach changes; and how to move forward with a winning strategy.
Rubin, Robert E.
Oklahoma Treasurer Ken Miller
Miller, Ken
Day 2
Jul 24 2017

From the Treasurer’s Perspective: Meeting Challenges and Operating Effectively in the Modern World of Public Finance (Core Session)

Engage in a unique, interactive experience featuring treasurers and treasury management perspectives from across the nation.  Take part in an interactive survey experience involving real treasurer’s scenarios from operating in...
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Ganeriwala, Manju
Hegar, Glenn
Mark Gordon
Gordon, Mark
Deb Goldberg
Goldberg, Deb
Vermont Treasurer Beth Pearce
Pearce, Beth
Day 3
Jul 25 2017

Rising to the Challenge: Leadership in Treasury Management and Meeting New Industry Challenges with a Fresh Perspective (Core Session)

Gain a new perspective on leadership in the 21st century, as we explore the necessary levels and attributes of successful leadership in public treasury management.  The session will be led...
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Singh, Sukhsimranjit

Break, Shuttle Buses Depart for Dinner

Light snacks and drinks will be served. Shuttle buses depart for the Reagan Library, beginning at 5:15 p.m.
Day 4
Jul 26 2017

High-Integrity Leadership Creates the Good Society: A Moderated Discussion of Readings, Led by the Aspen Institute (Core Session)

In a format designed to expose attendees to the Aspen Institute’s method of text-based dialog, this session features a moderated discussion about the reading and personal interpretations of how it...
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Simpson, Jennifer

Institute Certificate Presentations, Wrap-up and Box Lunches

Join Treasurer Ken Miller and Treasurer Beth Pearce for the conclusion of the 2017 National Institute of Public Finance.  Box lunches will be available. Shuttle buses to airport begin to...
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Vermont Treasurer Beth Pearce
Pearce, Beth
Oklahoma Treasurer Ken Miller
Miller, Ken