Leadership. Responsibility. Growth. Sustainability.
Leadership. Responsibility. Growth. Sustainability.

Engage with Top Professionals on a First-Name Basis

Brenda Williams talking with participant at 2015 NIPF

No Ties, No Titles Academic Environment

The NIPF is focused on providing a collaborative academic setting for all participants. In achieving this goal, the NIPF establishes a unique environment that fosters the exchange of best practices, allowing public-finance professionals to get the most out of the program.

The NIPF is not a “conference”, but rather a collaborative learning environment, in which each participant plays a critical role by actively engaging in the process. The NIPF continues to promote a “no ties” and “no titles” academic environment to encourage the highest levels of engagement and interaction between participants.

Whether you are a member of the private sector, public sector, or academia, you will join and communicate with fellow state, national, and global leaders in public-finance on a first-name basis throughout the four-day Institute. 

World-class thought leadership.  World-renowned learning environment.

Ranked one of the most-beautiful campuses in the world