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Jillean Long Battle
Jillean Long Battle
Chief Deputy Treasurer, General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer, Indiana State Treasury

Jillean serves as the Office of the Indiana Treasurer’s Chief Deputy Treasurer, General Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer. In these roles, Battle is responsible for all legal-related matters, developing and maintaining a privacy compliance program, and helping staff manage nearly 13 billion in assets. Jillean also acts as legal counsel to the sole trustee of the Indiana State Police Pension Trust.

Prior to serving in this role, Jillean served as the Deputy Treasurer of Missouri and the Chief Privacy Officer of South Carolina and has worked in all three branches of government in Indiana. In her executive roles, Battle led risk management efforts, executed financial strategies, and served to protect Missouri’s investment portfolios, which included assets valued at approximately $8 billion. Jillean’s work in treasury management provided numerous opportunities to share her expertise with well-respected economists and chief investment officers across North America.

Battle is most proud of her work in financial literacy and worked closely with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and universities and colleges throughout Missouri to develop the Missouri State Treasurer’s Financial Literacy Portal. A Compton, California native, Jillean is a licensed attorney and has membership in the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Indiana McKinney School of Law. She is also a Certified Information Privacy Professional for both the US and Europe.