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David Kaplan
David R. Kaplan
Director, Saxena White

David Kaplan is a Director at Saxena White and manages the Firm’s California office. Mr. Kaplan has twenty years of experience in the field of securities and shareholder litigation. He has helped public funds and other institutional investors achieve hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries in federal and state courts nationwide, including in securities class actions, direct “opt out” actions, and shareholder derivative litigation.  A large part of Mr. Kaplan’s day-to-day practice at Saxena White involves advising pension funds and other institutional asset managers on how to protect, preserve, and maximize their securities fraud recoveries.   This includes whether to take a leadership role in class actions, remain passive participants and file claims in any eventual common fund settlement, or opt out in an effort to accelerate and maximize their recoveries.  Mr. Kaplan also has extensive experience advising institutional clients on pursuing securities fraud recoveries in international jurisdictions.  His work in this area includes virtually all countries in which shareholder collective actions are authorized by law.  Mr. Kaplan has represented prominent state funds as both lead plaintiffs and individual plaintiffs in shareholder litigation, has represented companies and executives as defendants in shareholder litigation, and regularly counsels state funds about their investment-related exposures and potential legal claims.